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Podcasts (VoicED Radio – Live With Dr. Cathy Fosnot

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Below, you will find our growing collection of artifacts/resources based on our ongoing work with Dr. Cathy Fosnot.

We hope you will spend time here, deepening your learning during and after #notabookstudy


Podcasts (VoicED Radio – AfterGlow and Promo

AfterGlow Week 1Melissa Peddie, Krista Sarmatiuk  and Joe Caruso talk math learning with Donna Fry and Stephen Hurley

AfterGlow Week 2 (Chapter 3 on the road)


Podcasts (#notabookstudy participants)

  1. Mark Carbone and Asima Vezina explain the purpose of #notabookstudy, why we are choosing to learn this way, and how learners can interact with the various open platforms.
  2. Mark Carbone and Donna Fry look at how our work in open learning has led to this method of sharing math learning openly across the north and throughout Ontario.  How did we get here?
  3. Melissa Peddie joins us to share the work she is doing in Near North District School Board. This is an excellent podcast for teachers looking for a short description of the way Cathy Fosnot’s Landscape impacts our work in the classroom.
  4. Matthew Oldridge stops by for a quick chat about his #MathematizeThis idea on Medium Series. If you are looking for new ideas to support math thinking, this one will interest you!
  5. Melanie Courchesne expertly tells the story of how she and a classroom teacher made quick decisions around an unanticipated “happy surprise”, allowing them to explore thinking further.  It’s such a great opportunity to see into deprivatized classroom math practice.

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Week 1: Learning with Dr. Cathy Fosnot

Week 1: Twitter Chat – Chapter 1

Week 2: Twitter Chat – Chapter 2

Week 5: Twitter Chat

Week 6: Number Sense and Algorithms – An excellent exploration of this topic

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Videos: Dr Cathy Fosnot has given us permission to post these videos to help with our learning.  These videos are part of the learning platforms available here.

These are for viewing only.

Chapter 1: Math Workshop

Chapter 2:

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