Here is a 30 min. podcast from VoicEd.ca Radio explaining Not A Book Study.

Why all the excitement?

The Northeastern Ontario Mathematics Leadership Network (MLN) is leading a unique approach to an online study of Cathy Fosnot’s Young Mathematicians at Work: Constructing Multiplication and Division.  

Starting with this widely respected research, educators will be provided with a choice of multiple platforms to engage in ongoing learning conversations,  build professional learning networks, and access expertise and support while undertaking significant change in their teaching practice.


This deep, collaborative examination of the work of Cathy Fosnot has been created to mobilize flexible learning spaces for educators who are looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and understanding of teaching mathematics at the elementary level.

The overall outcome is developing a greater understanding of the relationship between content and pedagogy to support instructional decision making that results in deep learning for all students.

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Why this book?             

Cathy Fosnot changes hearts and minds about mathematics instruction while providing a clear picture of what teaching and learning mathematics needs to look like, sound like and feel like.

Learning With Others

Many educators are looking for opportunities to learn deeply, while balancing time in the classroom with family commitments.  We are leveraging technologies to envision a different culture of professional learning.  Even if educators have read the book before, new ideas, new insights, new construction and discourse will deepen their understanding and ability to implement the vision in the text.


Throughout March, we are inviting educators to register, do some preliminary reading and consider how they would like to collaborate with others. Participants will be supported in a personalized learning environment of their choosing, including podcasts, internet radio, a Facebook group, Twitter chats, blogging, and/or panel discussions beginning on April 10.

Here is our conversation with Stephen Hurley on VoicEd Radio about NotABookStudy, the latest project by #MathLeadersNEO beginning April 10.

Enjoy! And join us!

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