Math Blogs

Math teachers share their practice regularly online.

This gives us the opportunity to peek into the classrooms, hearts and minds of other educators.

What can we take away to improve our own practice? What can we share back as a math educator?

Are you a blogger? Please share your blog with us here, and we will add it to this site.

Krista Sarmatiuk* (Sudbury Catholic DSB, K-12 Math Lead)

Joe Caruso* (Algoma DSB)

Heather Theijsmeijer* (Rainbow DSB, math coordinator)

Anne Shillolo* (Near North DSB, TELT Contact (21C learning))

Donna Fry* (Superior Greenstone DSB, principal)

James Cowper* (Windsor Essex DSB, principal)

Aviva Dunsiger* (Hamilton Wentworth DSB, kindergarten)

Jamie Cable*(Simcoe County DSB, K-12 Math Resource Teacher)

Matthew Oldridge* (Thames Valley DSB)

Kyle Pearce*

Mr. Hogg’s Class* – Spiralling Grade 9 Curriculum

Kristin Gray

Marilyn Burns

*Ontario educators

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