Learn to Blog: QUAD Blogging

Check out the writing our Quad Bloggers are doing!

Sharing your learning and contributing to the network of learners makes thinking visible. Learn more about why blogging is an important method of documenting professional learning here.

#notabookstudy is supporting participants to blog through a fun community activity know as a version of Quad blogging.

It works like this.

Participants are placed in 4 groups:

  1. Experienced bloggers
  2. Beginning bloggers (may have some experience)
  3. New bloggers
  4. New bloggers

When you sign up, you can pick the same group number as your friends, so that you have personal support through the process.

Week 1: Group 1 blogs (before May 12), Groups 2,3,4 learn how to blog.

Week 2: Group 2 blogs (before May 19), Groups 1, 3, 4 comment on Week 1 blogs, Groups 3, 4 learn more about blogging

Week 3: Group 3 writes their first blog posts (before May 26), Groups 1,2,4 comment on Week 2 blogs and continue conversations on Week 1 blogs.

Week 4: Group 4 writes their first blog posts (before June 2), Grous 1,2,3 comment on blogs written so far.

Week 5: Everyone blogs and comments, and continues to do so after #notabookstudy ends!

#notabookstudy provides lots of support for the process.

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