Week 5: (May 8 to May 12)

Key questions from Dr. Cathy Fosnot (at the end of the podcast).

  1. When you think about multiplication and division, which models would be the most powerful long term?
  2. How are models connected to development?

Learning Events 

This week’s feature activity to help push your digital leadership skills and help you start (or continue) to contribute to a network of learning in a supported way, is QUAD Blogging! Schedules for those who signed up go out on May 9 after the show. (There’s still time to join in. Email notabookstudy@gmail.com to participate)

Tuesday May 9 – 8 p.m.  to 9 p.m. EDT Live with Dr. Cathy Fosnot in conversation with Stephen Hurley on VoicED Radio.


The documents for the show are at the bottom of this page.

Thursday, May 11 – 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EDT – Twitter Chat on Cathy Fosnot’s questions from Tuesday night. #notabookstudy

Feel free to experiment, interact and learn on any of the many platforms available.

If you have not registered yet, start here.


10 Ways to Share Your Learning This Week

1. Tweet what are you learning in < 140! (#notabookstudy)

2. Blog on the collaborative blog.

3. Write a reflection on your own blog and share the link here (form a bottom of page).

4. Discuss your thinking on Voxer.

5. Share on Google+

6. Record a podcast conversation (volunteer here).

7. Participate on the Facebook page.

8. Tweet questions during the Radio Show.

9. Join the post-radio show “show”! (Email notabookstudy@gmail.com if you are implementing Cathy Fosnot’s ideas and you can share your learning)

10. Comment on the blogs others are writing (also see the quad blog list here)

Radio show resources for May 9:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.08.32 PM.png
Click the image to view the document

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