Listen to Dr. Cathy Fosnot – Tonight at 8 pm EDT

“All children are mathematicians”  Cathy Fosnot, 2017

Are you looking for that “next step” to make your math classroom come alive with conversation and excitement about mathematizing?

Take advantage of an opportunity to hear author Dr. Cathy Fosnot, live tonight at 8 pm EDT on VoicED Radio

This week’s learning actions…

  • Identify a big idea (topic of multiplication and division) and put it into action in your classroom;
  • Work through the progression of strategies your students might use;
  • Help students generate powerful models to help them think through multiplication and division problems.  

How can I participate?

Listen to the radio broadcast here  for the next eight Tuesdays (from 8 pm – 9 pm EDT).  

Video to watch for tonight’s show:

Details on the Not a Book Study website.

Listen to last week’s radio show here     


Be creative! Listen where you want, when you want.

  • In your car driving to work on Monday
  • Live radio on a Tuesday night
  • Going for a walk on Wednesday
  • Sitting at the arena on a Thursday night
  • Enjoying a coffee on a Friday night
  • Riding your bike Saturday afternoon
  • Watching the sun come up Sunday morning
Image by Thom on Unsplash. Click the image to go to the original.
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