Written by Lesleigh, Linda and Lesley (L to the Power of Three)

We are three Northern Ontario educators who LOVE math and are thinking deeply about how to influence math learning and teaching across our districts.  We are L to the Power of 3 (a happy coincidence that all of our names start with L – Lesleigh, Linda and Lesley)

“If learning doesn’t doesn’t happen, there has been no teaching.” (p. 1, Fosnot).  This makes the three Ls (Lesleigh, Linda, Lesley) think about the supports we are providing at the system level to ensure that teachers and administrators are empowered through their learning experiences in order to provide exemplary learning experiences for their students.  We believe this takes a significant amount of risk taking based on a culture of trust.

“The actions of learning and teaching are inseparable.” p. 1 (Fosnot)

We believe strongly in the power of words and it’s only when our actions reflect our spoken words that learning will occur for our students.  Have we done enough to ensure that all understand the reciprocal relationship between the the terms teaching and learning?

Featured Image by Lesleigh Dye