By Gord Daniels

I appreciate how Fosnot shares the importance of student thinking in the math class and that in doing so, they are able to “stretch” mathematically from where they are developmentally by constructing their own strategies when exploring new ideas.

The “math congress” is presented as an opportunity for children to present and discuss their strategies and solutions.  I have seen this many times in our classrooms where students go beyond simply sharing their strategies but defend their ideas thus deepening their understanding of the math they are learning.

This approach to learning, where children construct their own knowledge, greatly supports the Pedagogical System approach (Non-Threatening Classroom Environment/Worthwhile Mathematical Tasks/Tools & Representation/Classroom Discourse) to mathematics education that so many teachers are implementing in our Ontario classrooms.

I’m really looking forward to discussing Fosnot’s constructivist approach with everyone in our Not A Book Study!


Featured Image by Bart Anestin on Unsplash