We wish you a happy and restful Good Friday.

On Saturday, registered participants will receive an update by email on blogging support and learning opportunities for next week.  Remember that Cathy’s questions for us are below to guide your thinking.

Learning opportunities this week are based on Cathy Fosnot’s book “Young Mathematicians at Work: Constructing Multiplication and Division” – Preface and Chapter 1.  We will work through one chapter per week for nine weeks.  

If you have ordered the book but it hasn’t arrived yet, Heinemann Publishers have generously allowed us to post digital copies of the Preface, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 so that you can continue to participate while waiting for your hard copy. Details here

Feel free to experiment, interact and learn on any of the many platforms available.

If you have not registered yet, start here.

1. Dr. Cathy Fosnot leads the learning.  Couldn’t participate? Listen to the podcast here.

2. Twitter: Who is participating in #NotaBookStudy, and where are they from? Watch Twitter (#notabookstudy) for the link to add your location to the collaborative map of where we are learning together from.  You don’t need a Twitter account to do this.  Simply go to Twitter.com/search and enter #notabookstudy to find the instructions!

New to Twitter? Find 10 minute Twitter lessons here

Can’t find the map on Twitter? Start here instead.

3. Newsletter: Share this learning with your colleagues through email.  Everyone who registered before April 9 received a newsletter.  A second newsletter will go out this week.

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4. Collaborative blogging.  Contribute your thinking here by commenting on a blog, or sharing your text through the contact page or by emailing it to notabookstudy@gmail.com

5. Thursday, April 13

Twitter chat 8 p.m. – Based on our learning with Cathy Fosnot on Tuesday, we will co-construct 6 questions to spark conversation (one question every 10 minutes). The hashtag is #notabookstudy.  Questions will be posted here on Wednesday.

6. All week long:

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